Jane Gotto
Humanistic Psychotherapist



working with couples

Couples come when they need support with, or want to grow, their relationship. The purpose of couples’ work is to create an environment of mutual respect and growth in which each person endeavours to be satisfied.

Couples’ work may cover many areas within the relationship, such as intimacy, communication, conflict, money, sexuality, addiction, parenting, step-parenting, listening skills, exploring ending and more. 

The sessions can transform how each person is present in the relationship, both with themselves and with their partner.  Couples learn there are ways of communicating with each other which can make a valuable difference to the relationship.

Jane is an experienced couples' counsellor with specialised couples training. She works with couples of all religions, cultures and sexual orientation.

Working with Jane has given us the safety and containment to say things to each other that were otherwise impossible.